Wednesday, September 22, 2010

आँख नम है, मगर
पलक झपकने नहीं देता दिल ये हाय
डरता है यह ये सोच, कि कहीं आँसू बनकर
याद उनकी बह न जाये.


  1. Madam, aap itni depressing lines kyun likhti hain! Aapse se nivedan hai ki agli baar kuch aisa likhen jisse hasya kavi sammelan ki shobha bad jaye!

  2. Hey .. never knew that you were a poet.. and in hindi too.. very impressive..another facet..

  3. Thanks, Smita! Most of these are very old though. I have not written anything much in the last decade and a half. I also didn't preserve most of what I wrote, which is lost forever.